Scribble your desires away!

I’m quite hard to please when it comes to stationery. I’m not an ardent stationery lover and so I’m rarely charmed by a piece of stationery. Although I’m insanely passionate about writing, I may never be able to the maintain a diary, because I’m as sporadic as most of the great writers I worship; who may sometimes churn out a masterpiece, but on bad days, may lose to writers of Hindi TV shows. So whenever I’ld decide to write a diary, I’d make an entry once in every 15-20 days and the rest of the empty dates would make me feel guilty. The first and foremost reason why I’d recommend MatrikaS Creative Woman’s Journal is because it’s not a diary yet fulfills the same purpose. It’s not something you feel obliged to fill daily, yet it’s so pretty that you feel like scribbling something or the other in it, all day long!

MatrikaS Paper Products was kind enough to send me a copy of their Creative Women’s Journal for their Blogger Outreach Programme -“Scribble your heart away”. The quality of the cover is impeccable and the design is adorable. It has adult colouring pages and extra pages to doodle on. Adult colouring pages may seem like a far-fetched idea but at the moment I’m having such a bad day that filling those colouring pages would be a relief. Doodling has been proven to be a great stress-buster and therefore I’d give the doodling pages a thumbs up! The stickers are the USP of the journal though, they are super-cute and there’s so much variety on the sticker page; there’s a sticker for almost every mood! The stickers are my absolute favourites. 

There’s also an envelope at the end, which can be used to store visiting cards and small bits of paper that contain phone numbers or any sort of significant information. I found that to be very useful and I like that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Ho

While I don’t have any complaints per se, I feel that the ‘Names and Addreses’ page is redundant since most people store addresses digitally. It would be great if more scribbling/doodling pages would be given in the book. The price, although completely justified, is a litter on the expensive side. But then again, if I were to assess the journal in a cost-benefit analysis, the benefits would definitely exceed the costs, by a large margin.

I believe that writing is a mode of self-expression. Women in our society have been silenced for too long. With this initiative, Matrikas has taken a small yet significant step towards ensuring the creation of a space wherein women and creatively express themselves.  I feel honoured to be a part of their programme and I’d definitely recommend the Creative Women’s Journal to every woman I know, to every woman who wants to make a difference!

P.S. To get this journal and to tick everything off your stationery bucket-list, visit their website!

Till, scribble your desires away! Be Khanabadosh and never stop dreaming!